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1900 Paris World Fair Exhibition

PARIS 1900
La Belle Epoque
The Eiffel Tower
Old Paris Photos

Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris, 1900
La Belle Epoque

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paris photos, The Trocadero, Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France
Trocadero, Exposition Universal, 1900
old photos of paris, Grand entrance, Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France
Grand entrance, 1900. (Provided for opening intro to the movie Cheri.)
paris photos, Palais de Justice and Sainte-Chapelle, Paris
Palais de Justice / Sainte-Chapelle, 1900,
paris photos, Pavilion of Bolivia, seen through the base of the Eiffel Tower, Paris Exposition, 1889
The Eiffel Tower and the Pavilion of Bolivia
old photos of paris, Looking through Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero and Colonial Section, Exposition 1900, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower and view to Trocadero and Colonial Section. 1900
paris photos, Head of Statue of Liberty on display in park in Paris.
Head of Statue of Liberty on display in park
paris photos, Grand Balloon of Mr. Henry Giffard, 1878 - Birds-eye view of Balloon before ascent from Tuillerie Gardens, Paris
Hot Air Ballon of Henry Giffard, 1878. Tuillerie Gardens,
old photos of paris, Building and the globe from Point Passay, Paris Exposition, 1900
Building and Globe from Point Passay Exposition, 1900
paris photos, Gas Pavilion and Swedish chalet at right, section of Eiffel Tower at left, Paris Exposition, 1889
Swedish Chalet and Eiffel Tower Exposition, 1889
The Pantheon, Paris
The Pantheon.
old photos of paris, St. Augustine Church
St. Augustine Church
paris photos, The Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower, 1900 Exhibition
paris photos, Trocadero entrance to the exposition, colonial section in foreground, Paris, 1900
Trocadero entrance to the, 1900
old photos of paris, Passerelle de l'Alma on the Quay d' Orsay, Paris Exposition, 1889
Quay d'Orsay, 1889
paris photos, Colonial Palace, Paris Exposition, 1889
Colonial Palace, 1889
paris photos, Exhibits in the Palace of Diverse Industries, Paris Exposition, 1889. Sign above exhibits
Palace of Diverse Industries, Exposition, 1889
old photos of paris, Crowd of people walking under the base of Eiffel Tower, view toward the Central Dome, Paris Exposition, 1889
>Walking under the base of Eiffel Tower, 1889
paris photos, Exp. universelle de 1889 - Galerie des industries diverses
Entrance to horological exhibit in the Palace of Diverse Industries. 1889
paris photos, Place de la Republique, Paris
Place de la Republique, Square. 1900
old photos of paris, Notre Dame, and St. Michael bridge, Paris
Notre Dame & St. Michael bridge, 1900
paris photos, The Pavilions of the Nations, II, Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France
The Pavilions of the Nations, Exposition Universal, 1900
paris photos, Trocadero, Paris
old photos of paris, Palace of Fine Arts, as seen from the side, with a hot air balloon in the distance, Paris Exposition, 1889
Palace of Fine Arts, 1889
paris photos, Transatlantic Panorama Pavilion, the Palace of the French Navy and the Life-saving Apparatus and Navigation exhibitions, along Seine waterfront, Paris Exposition, 1889
Transatlantic Panorama Pavilion, 1889
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